As a representative of the YAZD & KERMAN The YAZD PARSIAN ASOU TRADING CO. supports all of the Founder’s activities in YAZD & KERMAN province.
With novel objectives and attitude towards international business, Yazd Parsian Asou Trading Co. was registered in 2018 in the company registration office of Yazd province (Registration No. 17406). Its main focus was to study new target markets for Iranian trade exchanges. For this purpose, the organization of exhibitions, and sending and receiving business delegations, etc. was on its agenda.

Export Management Company (EMC)

World Trade Day is a highly competitive and sophisticated environment that requires a constant and sustained presence in the target markets, with the need to develop well-designed programs and a thorough understanding of the target market’s needs and the rules of the game. Such a mechanism is generally beyond the reach of “small and medium enterprises”.
Because forming a professional export team requires a great deal of experience, expertise and cost and time, such as “small and medium-sized firms” and even large firms in the international market using the power of export management companies ( EMC).
One of the major challenges facing Iranian companies is export and presence in global markets. Many Iranian companies produce high quality products that can be offered and competed in international markets. But the literature on international trade is very different from that of domestic trade, and it is more complex and complex.
Two Important Things to Know Before Entering the Global Markets and Exporting Your Services and Products:

1- Market research and gathering information about the target country, target market needs for our products and services, pricing, identifying distribution channels and …

2- Obtaining the necessary licenses, forecasting product inventory, observing international tenders, insurance and shipping affairs, managing risk payments and liabilities, after-sales services, fully mastering the processes and laws of international trade and …

As a result, given the complexity and close competition in the international business of businesses that intend to export their products and services, they outsource it to EMC export management companies