Export marketing :
What is the export marketing project for Iran’s competitive products for Founder in China? How is it done?
The presence of talent for the diverse consumption of the world plus the high volume of consumer in China encourages each producer and exporter to address this issue and hopes to take advantage of a part of this market to business development of itself.
However, there were some drawbacks in this path (at least for Iranian products), which would not allow this and some of the respected Iranian manufacturers and exporters, due to lack of aristocracy in this matter, and merely by examining the market through trial and error Has incurred double costs or losses, costs that are not over The quality of Iranian products that have been created by the lack of recognition of the market.
Accordingly, Founder Development and Business Development Company, by designing a new method and using its facilities on the one hand, and recognizing the market and culture of consumption and taste of Chinese customers, on the other hand, put export marketing on competitive goods in order to share To develop the market for Iranian quality products on the Chinese market.